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Welcome to Fresh on Folksy, a place for me to shout about all the wonderful and inspirational handmade goods from the creative makers selling on Folksy. There is no favouritism or any kick backs, it's simply things I find on Folksy that I like and would part money with. Some will be new goods and some will be older but all will have some element of creative genius.

Here's to all those makers, to all those who strive to create wondrous things from nothing, here's to all those who bring a little whimsy into our lives, they should be celebrated and commended.

I myself, peddle my wares on Folksy, you can find me lurking over at Ed's Place come over and say hello if you get a moment.

So as not to confuse anyone or mislead I would like to point out that I do not work for Folksy or have any affiliation with Folksy. I do what I do simply to promote the Folksy sellers and by definition Folksy itself. The views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone.

Monday, 19 December 2011

♥Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight♥

Well that's it for 2011, the last of my Folksy picks are below. I just wanted to say a big thanks to all those who have produced such wonderful work, it gives me great pleasure to be able to promote it. I also wanted to urge you all to carry on making, being creative and being generally amazing. If you weren't featured this year (bearing in mind the blog has only been active for little over 2 months) don't worry, it doesn't mean you're not good enough or your work isn't up to standard, it just means I haven't got to you yet or I am yet to stumble across your shop.

I also wanted to wish all my followers a very merry and delightful Christmas and I hope Santa brings you all everything you asked him for (that's assuming you have all been good this year, unlike me, I'm very naughty all the time!). All the very best for 2012, let's hope it's another fire cracker of a year.

Much love and festive cheer
Ed x

Straw Summer Hat Accessory

Looking even further ahead and well into the sultry summer days (forgive me) this little accessory/brooch/wrapping embellishment could have a variety of uses including straw summer hat embellishment! It can also be given to any frugal avid gardener and if they grow tired of looking at it (unlikely I know) they can use the natural twine for holding back the sweet peas (it's made from 3.2m of the stuff).

2012 Wall Calendar With Seeds

Another garden planning tool but this goes one step further and gives you the seeds for each month. Admittedly it's one seed packet per month but enough to get someone leaning more towards growing their own instead of taking the easy option and buying from the garden centre. Lovely illustrations and free delivery, what more could you ask for?

Paper Potter in Oak

I know we haven't got past a certain day in December yet but I know the keen gardeners amongst us are already planning with military precision what to plant and when. This great piece of kit will be very useful to get the seedlings going and when they are ready to transplant outside you simply plant the whole lot, newspaper included as the paper will decompose, it doesn't get any easier. It makes for a cheap way to get your seedlings going each spring.

Mabel the lavender cat- red spotty

Another find whilst looking for an instant bedtime favourite. These delicious looking cats are filled with lavender to help those nasty nursery niffs (you know what I'm talking about) disappear and help with a good night's sleep. Mabel's dress can be removed (I'm guessing you might be able to create your own wardrobe additions quite easily) and she comes with knickers to hide her blushes, bless.

Edward - Mohair Artist/Heirloom Bear/Elephant

More baby bits. I was looking for an instant bedtime favourite and I happened upon Edward. Edward is a handsome chap and his trunk is perfect for cuddling or holding onto whilst you drag his favourite bear bottom through puddles and such like.

Baby Bib Neutral

Seen as I have (on Wednesday just gone) become an uncle again I thought it only right and proper to have a look at some baby bits and bobs. Only problem is I am getting a little doe eyed and clucky myself, not a good thing, two is enough. Crafty Hen have various bibs and nursery bits in their shop although I do believe they are now away to indulge in some festive activities, favourite their shop and come back in the new year.

Christmas reindeer paper ornaments

Just when you thought there was no time or inclination for anymore Christmas treasures I find this. I thought it worthy for a late charge to make a Christmas stocking this year seen as it's a direct download ready for you print off for yourself. This set is part of a range of pdf downloads with varying patterns, all of which are delightful and well within the price range of a stocking filler, take a look at the shop.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Boulanger Moustache Gift Wrap Stickers

Zut alors mon ami, sis is fabulous (apologies for my terrible French accent). Even before you get to open your pressies or open you letter you will be smiling if there was one of these sealing it down. I'm not sure why moustaches have become so popular or indeed why they make me smile but they do. A novel way to finish your gift wrapping this year.

Small feathery chick brooch

Now this little fellow looks either confused or slightly miffed, either way he has a nice way about him. I assume it's a him as he looks rather downtrodden and forlorn. I don't do brooches but if I did then he would be sitting proud upon my lapel.

Vintage Tape Measure Flower Brooch 3-4

I featured this brooch not because I love the name Grizzly Squirrel and not because this brooch is actually on sale at £4.50(!) I just think this is such a great design. So simple yet so clever, go buy it now! Go on then, what you waiting for? I want to see this bought and in someones stocking for Chrimbo this year.

Retro red radio brooch

The first thing I thought of when I saw this cool retro brooch was `how do you think they made that`, I'm still not sure. One thing's for sure it looks quite fiddly if it's not from a mould. However it's made, it's a bargain at five of your English pounds!

Twenty-one Blocks - large print

Another day another print, although this one is digital. This A3 print wouldn't go amiss being hung in an art gallery, the colours work beautifully together and I do have a penchant for anything geometric. One of my fave Folksy sellers is Francesca Iannaccone for sure.

Pouring it Down - Raincloud Screenprint

Some of these clouds are way to happy to be raining. Once again my love of print wins out with this delightful screen print which would be quite happy, I'm sure to be hung upon my walls. One of only nine prints this surely has to make for a good investment. Oo, I've used investment twice now, I should be a bank manager.... er no!

Flutter Porcelain and silver wall art butterfly with antique embroidery texture

You might be just in time to purchase something extra special to gift wrap that special gift for that special one in your life (that's a lot of specials). This is an investment at the price but it will make that engagement ring(!) or keys to a brand new car(!) stand out from all the others under the tree.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Make your own Applique Folk Bird Linen Bag Kit

What girl wouldn't like to find this in her stocking this Christmas? I know both of mine would be delighted. It's a lovely make it yourself gift and perfectly priced too. There's several designs to choose from and the set comes complete with fabric,bits and bobs, instructions and templates to finish your project.

'God Jul' Christmas Badge

I have a thing for badges, perhaps it's some latent issue seen as I never did get my Blue Peter badge. This is a fine example, I love the Dala horse illustration and I love the fact it doesn't say Merry Christmas, well not in English anyway. A great stocking filler.

Christmas Bird Decorations ... set of 3

I would be proud to hang these three little birds from my tree this year or even over my mantle. I like the fact that the colours are non traditional and I'm sure they would become a feature of Christmas futures. A lovely gift or a nice treat for yourself.

Sock Monkey

Now I know they have been around for what seems like forever, but I still love sock monkeys, this one particularly reminds me of the one from the Tetleys tea adverts. He looks innocent enough but there's always something a little unnerving about these little fellas. I love the name of Sian's shop too and there's still time to get one of these little fellas into someones stocking for Christmas if you buy today and need it posting to Western Europe.

Flower Headwarmer

Another feature of our craft fair experience was the crochet (although this one is knitted) headwarmer. I personally think they look great and as it was freezing, especially on Saturday, they were essential to stop the ladies from becoming ice statues and the place looking like the white witches's castle from Narnia. I quite fancy one myself but I'm not sure I can pull it off being a fella.

Bowler hat and moustache T shirt

Consider yourself at home, consider yourself one of the family! We have just come back from a weekend of Victorian themed Christmas craft fair and this caught me eye instantly. Not sure why but I found myself talking in a cockney accent and being a bit more cheeky than usual. The t-shirt itself is 100% cotton and is available in S, M and L.

Moroccan Tile Tea Towel

This is my homage to our trip to Marrakesh this year. So so hot but wonderful and unique, I would urge anyone who hasn't been to go as soon as you can. The obligatory souks are an eye opener and a must for anyone with an eye for a bargain. These tea towels (set of two) take me right back to trawling the dark alley ways of the souks for hours on end, I only wish we had bought some tiles back with us, perhaps next time.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lovely Fabric Bowl

We can forgive Bella Mae for her typo in her listing title seen as this design is fabulous. This is a fabric bowl finished in Amy Butler print (Eleanor has other prints available too) and get this... it's reversible and you get a totally different pattern on the other side, clever or what.

Knitting Pattern Tea Towel (green & coral)

When I first saw these I thought the pattern was of corn and then I read the title (Doh!). I really like the print on these and they way they are packaged. If you take a look at Justine's shop you will see she has a good eye for pattern.

Retro Bird

I'm not entirely sure if these are for Christmas or not but seen as I'm not one for tradition I would have these hanging from my tree and take great delight in looking at them. I know Mrs Ed would love them too.

Robin Bauble Christmas Card set

A very sweet addition to the Christmas cards available on Folksy. This is a set of five cards (including envelopes) for a very reasonable £5.00, now even me with my limited maths ability can work out that's a pound a card (round of applause for me please). 

3 Pack Christmas Cards

Another example of stylish thrift. The appealing (at least to me) geometric patterned snowflake is made up of unwanted scraps. Eco doesn't have to be hairy and a bit baggy.

Christmas Girl Card

Tell me why anyone would go and buy a Christmas card from the high street when there is such a delightful selection to choose from on Folksy. Take this little beauty for example, lovely colours, simple but delicious design and makes me feel whimsical and nostalgic.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Blog hijack

Now, I don't want to come across as though I'm hijacking this blog for my own purpose but I am just hijacking this blog for my own purpose, if only the once. I just wanted to say a big thanks to those folk who commented on my should I shouldn't I thread in the Folksy forums. I took onboard those comments and went ahead and set my very own Folksy shop. I have managed to list four items so far, with more to follow shortly (subject to access to Folksy ;). I just wanted to give you a sneak look at my illustrations and I would welcome all comments, positive or otherwise. Thanks for indulging me:

Dressed for the Occasion 

Fox alone

No nut today, mon ami

She hummed to the song as she wandered along

My Folksy shop is called Ed's Place http://www.folksy.com/shops/EdsPlace

Again, thanks for indulging me, this is the only post I am writing for my own work, it's just to kick me off, I hope you understand.
Ed x

Embroidered peace dove notebook

I know a few people in my house who would love this to be in santa's sack this year. I do like the free style applique and nice style for the original illustration.

Hare and Squirrel folk

Love love love this print. Who doesn't love to see a squirrel and a hare puffing away on a pipe. Great style and lovely colour choice. If I was in the buying mood.....

Raining Love Hearts Cloud Mobile

Ah, if only it did rain colourful hearts, the world would be a better place, unless of course you live in the dry spots, then it would be boring. Another delightful addition to any nursery.

Carter the amigurumi fox

Carter needs a new home, surely there's someone out there who knows a little boy or girl who would lavish some love and attention on him. I can see this little chap being a favourite friend who gets dragged around by his ears (lovingly of course).
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