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Welcome to Fresh on Folksy, a place for me to shout about all the wonderful and inspirational handmade goods from the creative makers selling on Folksy. There is no favouritism or any kick backs, it's simply things I find on Folksy that I like and would part money with. Some will be new goods and some will be older but all will have some element of creative genius.

Here's to all those makers, to all those who strive to create wondrous things from nothing, here's to all those who bring a little whimsy into our lives, they should be celebrated and commended.

I myself, peddle my wares on Folksy, you can find me lurking over at Ed's Place come over and say hello if you get a moment.

So as not to confuse anyone or mislead I would like to point out that I do not work for Folksy or have any affiliation with Folksy. I do what I do simply to promote the Folksy sellers and by definition Folksy itself. The views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Monty the Fox Lambswool Plush

This handsome devil of a fox is made to order but you have to agree it would be well worth the wait. He would be a household favourite in our house for sure. Foxes not your thing? Head over to Sara's shop, there's plenty to choose from. I particularly like Kevin the extra long caterpillar.

Kettle On Feet Up - Framed Collage Picture

All that talk of tea earlier has made me a tad thirsty. I love the sentiment of this piece, it reminds me of lazy Sundays and getting in from a hard days graft and requiring a nice cup of tea and a good sit. You can't beat a good sit in my opinion. This original piece comes ready framed so all you have to do is unwrap and hang, delightful!

Hen House papercut - Print

So much patience, so much skill, I'm in awe of the paper cuts and prints coming out of Suzy Taylor's studio. This Giclee print demonstrates quite clearly that some hens live in a nicer home than me. I love the style of this piece and the overall composition, it's hard to believe these are actually hand cut. Top work Suzy.

Coloured Tape Measure Design Mug

How long do I have to wait for a cup of tea in the morning? Now it's possible to measure that length of time, well sort of! I've always loved the old style dress making tape measures, ever since I watched my mother craft all sorts of wonderments with hers, way back when I was a pup. Lovely design, lovely colours, just need a lovely brew to go in it!

Pair of Mini Moustaches

Enough of the peacocks for now, let's get down to something a little more serious! I love these hand carved stamps for adding that little extra touch to notecards, envelopes and letters to far flung corners of the world. Surely that's got to bring a smile to the postie's face in the morning, it would me.

Giclee Peacock print

I promise you I'm not obsessed by peacocks this morning but I saw this Giclee print and couldn't resist. I'm not sure why but it reminds me a little of the dancers you might find at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, maybe it's their wonderfully proud looking crests. It's a delicious illustration, I love the colour and I would be happy to hang it on my wall without hesitation.

Screen Printed A6 Notebook

Another post another peacock only this one is slightly more regal and a little Chinese in style. This is very elegant printed notebook which anyone would be proud to pull out and start scribble on (the pages not the front!)

Peacock Lino Print

It seems when you're doing a certain craft or technique yourself you can't help but notice other people's work using the same technique. There's something I really like about this peacock print, there's delicacy to it and I like the layout too, top work Jools.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Babushka pincushion or doll

I have to admit that when I first saw this I let out a tiny weeny girly squeal of horror, how could anyone make a Babushka voodoo doll and then realisation kicked in. Many a delightful handmade goody can be found at Beaky's shop, more than I can count!

'Barbara' Apron

OK, so I'm a fella but there's nothing wrong with erring on the side of femininity once in a while...
This isn't just an apron, this is a statement apron :p I love the vintage fabric choice (William Morris) and I do believe you (not me) could wear this out on certain occasions and be complimented on your style choice. If Carlsberg did aprons......

Bish Bash Bosh tea towel

Another fine print from Mr and Mrs Yoke, so many on their website to choose from, my job is so tough sometimes ;) Anything by YOKE is fabulous in my humble opinion, I must remember to buy myself once the pennies come in. You on the other hand have no excuses, go buy now!

home sweet bird home

A slightly wintery scene this one but I love it. Love the colour palette and the general style of the piece, would make a nice addition to anyone's wall.

Sock Bunny Rabbit

Now this little chap looks like he takes a very casual approach to life but then it's not very stressful being a bunny is it now? Bunnies not your thing (heartless?) there's plenty of other sock critters and crochet creatures in the Oddsox shop.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

James Green Printworks

OK OK, I know I was a bit slack in December not running this feature and there's no excuse really, other than it being Christmas and my freelance work was really busy, but no excuses.

This month's featured Folksy Seller is no other than James Green of James Green Printworks fame. James produces a rather wonderful range of lino cut and etching prints. James has been producing prints for the last six years and has had some great successes over that period. Notably, in 2006 when his etching entitled `Paris Buggy` was shortlisted for the 6th International Small Print competition. James was also commissioned by Paul Smith Menswear to produce images for their T-shirts for their Japanese stores.

James also confesses to have a second passion in his life, which is his music. I actually did take the time to visit his band's website (www.big-eyes.co.uk) and had a listen. I know it's not going to be for everyone but then what is, but I really liked the music, best described as acoustic instrumental (the tracks I listened to) and very chilled. The band's fanbase even included no other than the legendary John Peel and he played several of their tracks on Radio 1.

Anyway, enough of the music, I'm here to showcase Jame's printwork. Here's a selection of my personal favourites from James's Folksy shop:

I managed to pin down James for a quick Q&A session (electronically of course). This wasn't a full in depth interview, just a few questions to better understand his work:

1.  I notice you take inspiration from both rural and urban landscapes, any preference and do you go to the places you depict in your work?
I have no preference for rural or urban. I just enjoy the shapes of the landscapes that I encounter, whether they be seaside or terrace or hi-rise; the patterns and the randomness. So far, I've always been to the location that I end up turning into a print. I feel it gives me a better sense of the atmosphere there. I went to Whitby recently and was blown away by the place. I hadn't intended to do a print of it, but felt compelled to once I had wandered round.

2. If you had to choose, Lino cuts or etchings?
Linocuts, as they were my first love! I do love etchings too, but the process is a lot more complex and expensive. I dream about lino. Is that odd?

3. I note that some of your work for sale on Folksy is a digital print of your original work, is this the way you see your work going or do you prefer selling the original hand prints?
I'm happy creating both hand-printed and digital (poster) prints. I have no intention of choosing one or the other. A lot of the poster-prints I produce are linocuts that I would not be able to hand-print in a large run. They're usually designs that are too fiddly to do by hand (in multiples), and if I did hand-print many of these I'd have to charge a lot more money for them that I currently do. I try and keep my art as affordable as possible.

4. What's your filtering process, do you only punt out things which you think might be commercially successful or is it simply a case of if you like then others should?
I just print what I like, basically. On one occasion I created a linocut as someone suggested a certain subject that would sell well. Suffice to say that I didn't enjoy making it, and it didn't sell well at all. A lesson learned, there! I do create some winter-themed cards and am working on a valentine linocut, but aside from these I pretty much follow my nose. I do feel very flattered that people like my work.

5. So how is it at the moment, busy or otherwise?

Well, considering it is January, I'm having a busy time. I'm a bit surprised. Perhaps some people are spending their Christmas money!

6. What's in the pipeline?
I have two new landscapes on the to-do table, as well as new donkey prints and other creature ones. I'm also in the process of creating some 3D donkeys. I have made some clay models, and I'm casting them in porcelain over the next few weeks (with the help of ceramic artist Hanne Westergaard). I'm very excited about this, as I've never worked in ceramics before, or in 3D! I hope to have these available to sell by the end of February. I'm also teaching linocut workshops in Feb and March (at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield), and my first Craft Fair of the year is on 4th Feb (Mary's Marvellous Craft & Vintage Fair).

So there you have it (in a nutshell), the wonderful work of James Green. My only hope is that someday I will become an accomplished lino cut artist in the same way James has become. Many thanks to James for his time.

Monday, 9 January 2012

We can't all be Stars

Grab yourself a bargain, this is a print being sold as a misprint by Bird House Press. You would be hard pressed to see the misprint if you weren't looking for it and I actually think it makes the print unique. £5 off the price of the print, that's got be worth a punt surely.

Green & Gold Wall Clock

It was the colour which caught my eye for this selection and the nice simple number style. This would look blooming marvelous up on my wall and no doubt on your wall too.

You're So Sweet Card

With so many great items in Leanne's shop it hard to pick but this one caught my eye as it's not the usual hearts and flowers valentines card. Lovely colours, simple message and who doesn't love ice cream? It's a steal at £2.00 for a card, why would you go anywhere else to buy cards?

BAM POW Holy Stitchery Batman

Holy stitchery indeed. I couldn't help but smile when I stumbled across this piece of genius. Let's call it a new breed of embroidery, I love it.

The Rabbit Child

She can't find the Easter Bunny anywhere, she has come (a little early I might add) to help him deliver his chocolate bundle but he's nowhere to be seen. She needs someone to take care of her in the absence of the elusive floppy eared fellow. Any takers?

Precious Goods Stickers

As the recipient of many a crushed parcel, these stickers are a great alternative to the rather bland handle with care stamp. Would also work well on any gift wrap containing something delicious, delightful and delicate.

Oh it's going to be a wonderful year, bonne chance mon ami

Here's a big, open arms welcome to 2012 to all my readers. I trust you all had a rather splendid time, dipping your toes into the depths of debauchery. I know I'm a bit late picking the blog back up but I wanted to take an extended break over the Christmas period to spend some time with my little ones and the better half of me. Anyway, without further ado, I give to you my very first collection of Folksy goodness for 2012.
Good luck for the year ahead, may you all be smothered in a thick smug fug by the end of it.
Much love
Ed x
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