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Welcome to Fresh on Folksy, a place for me to shout about all the wonderful and inspirational handmade goods from the creative makers selling on Folksy. There is no favouritism or any kick backs, it's simply things I find on Folksy that I like and would part money with. Some will be new goods and some will be older but all will have some element of creative genius.

Here's to all those makers, to all those who strive to create wondrous things from nothing, here's to all those who bring a little whimsy into our lives, they should be celebrated and commended.

I myself, peddle my wares on Folksy, you can find me lurking over at Ed's Place come over and say hello if you get a moment.

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Boulanger Moustache Gift Wrap Stickers

Zut alors mon ami, sis is fabulous (apologies for my terrible French accent). Even before you get to open your pressies or open you letter you will be smiling if there was one of these sealing it down. I'm not sure why moustaches have become so popular or indeed why they make me smile but they do. A novel way to finish your gift wrapping this year.

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