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Here's to all those makers, to all those who strive to create wondrous things from nothing, here's to all those who bring a little whimsy into our lives, they should be celebrated and commended.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Welcome to a brand new feature for Fresh on Folksy. Every month I am planning (best laid plans etc) to run a feature based on a single Folksy seller. This gives me a chance to show in more depth the work of a single maker/s and gives me the opportunity to write a bit more and explore things beyond Folksy, such as websites and blogs covering the maker.

This month it is my great pleasure to run a feature on Sally Boyle, graphic designer/illustrator/all round good egg. Just in case you missed my feature on Sally here is is again:

I just love the balance of this image, I think it works on all levels, humour, romance, and down right naughtiness! Anyway, onto the feature, there's much to know.

Sally is a freelance graphic designer based in Yorkshire and is a busy lady. When she's not overrun with work she runs her own blog (a good read but please do come back), and sells her own work through her Folksy and Etsy shops. I took a look at both shops and her website and I have picked my own personal selection of favourites, don't shoot me if you disagree with my selection:

Woodland cushion front
Illustrations for cushion prints

As you can see Sally's illustrations consist of a mix of styles but are bursting with a generosity of colour and detail which is hard to ignore. The clever soul has also managed to bag herself a slot in the most excellent Print & Pattern Book 2, alongside 99 other heavy weight designers and illustrators, no easy task as you can imagine.

I hope you have enjoyed finding a little more out about this month's featured Folksy seller, Sally Boyle. Should you wish to commission Sally for a special project of your own you can contact her through her website

Time to extract my rooted features from in front of the computer and grab a slice of the real world, see you soon folks, until then adios...


  1. Great choice! What an excellent mix of pattern and colour in the Woodland cushion front. I just spotted the printable Halloween table dec witches in Sally's shops - what an entertaining read! - Looking forward to your next feature. Shaz x

  2. I was half tempted to put the Halloween table decs in too, so many nice things, didn't have space for all of them. Thanks for the kind words too and apologies for the slow response, it's been a challenging day what with one thing and another. Glad you enjoyed the feature, fingers crossed for another belter next month.
    Ed x

  3. A great feature and what cool designs! I love those peacocks :D

  4. Thanks Cinnamon. The more I look her Sally's work the more I like it. The peacocks are fabulous indeed.
    Ed x


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